<영문판> A Dispatch from the Neo-Colonial Outposts of US Empire: the Enduring American Boots-On-The-Ground Occupation in South Korea 2nd of 10 series

Dale Han/ The US Army Garrison Yongsan Camp: A Yankee Panopticon in the heart of the Capital City, Seoul

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PressArirang is proudly introducing an article by Mr. Dale Han about the US Military Camps in S. Korea and an Addendum. Due to the extensive length of the text, this article will be uploaded by 9 parts, starting with an introduction. We hope you enjoy reading this article. 


The author of this article strongly recommends watching the following video of the Camp Humphreys before you jump into reading his long-winded article.





Introduction: United States of America: The Imperialist Immemorial (?)

1. The US Army Garrison Yongsan Camp: A Yankee Panopticon in the heart of the Capital City, Seoul

2. A National “C*nt Sale” for the Economic Prosperity  

3. Camp Stanley/Casey near DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

4. Osan Air Base, the Exclusive Port of Entry/Exit for the US Occupiers  

5. The Military Flagship Installation: Camp Humphreys in the middle of fertile/rich rice field  that provides the essential foods for people

6. Moon is more a gopher or a water boy than a matchmaker in a Trump/Kim tete-a-tete.

7. The Status Quo in the Peninsula is just dandy and copasetic for Uncle Sam

8. It is all about China and the revival of Yellow Peril 

Addendum:  November 2019 - Donald Trump is the best American President for both South and North Korea!?

1.The US Army Garrison Yongsan Camp: A Yankee Panopticon in the heart of the Capital City, Seoul

By Dale Han


When I landed in the “morning calm” peninsula of so-called “the Samsung Republic” in

mid- afternoon September 2017, strangely I did not get any message / inkling / tension

that there’d be an imminent US pre-emptive strike against the North Korea by Uncle

Trump as I was led to worry by the mainstream media in the West before my trip to the



Peculiarly, there were no “duck and cover” drills of civil defense or armed soldiers standing guard at the every gate of Government buildings.


Instead my solo home-coming was overwhelmed with a thick fog of polluted / fine dust

air when I stepped out in the open to locate the transportation for a trip to the mega city, Seoul that holds more than 20 million residents plus tens of thousands of families of the US occupying forces…and people, thousands, tens of thousands of pedestrians / school

kids / office workers / housewives / endless flows of automobiles, auto-bikes, buses, trucks were in a rat-race to make a living or checking upon their cellphones and they appear not to give a shit about the ongoing series of infantile / verbal salvoes between a “short and

fat” “Little Rocket Man”, and Uncle Trump, a “senile” blowhard who shoots the shits

profusely from both ends of his mouth.


A sprawling 640-acre compound, “Yongsan Garrison” is strategically located in the center of Seoul City overlooking the Han River that dissects the City almost in half.


The camp site carries the multiple / deep / indelible footprints of hundreds of thousands of foreign colonial soldiers… Chinese, Japanese, and late-comer, Yankee imperial soldiers

in the course of several centuries have occupied the site as their headquarters /

encampment / warehouses for the colonial occupation.


According to the Yongsan Relocation Plan (YRP), the Garrison, by 2017, would be vacated / relocated to the 40-mile south of the Camp Humphreys, but in the final stage, the US

Army reneged / balked at their pledge to move / vacate the whole compounds from their control, leaving the GHQ of the Combined Forces Command (CFC) intact and almost half of the garrison site is designated for the Heliport, new US Embassy buildings and Hotel

accommodation for the American staffs and soldiers.


Americans want to maintain the Yongsan Garrison as their Panopticon to check upon on

their flunkey South Korean elites and comprador subalterns.


Discussing or observing the matters related to the US military bases in S. Korea has been

the last subject or a taboo for most of S. Korean daily discourse since the Korean War in

1950…talking about the rai·son d'ê·tre of the US garrisons automatically casts doubt on

the person’s loyalty to the nation and eventual fall from the grace, being catalogued as a Commie sympathizer / a pro-North Korea collaborating Pinko…you are as dead as a dodo sometimes ending in a ditch thrown by the Government-sanctioned / anti-Commie goon



Though there were a brief period of the anti-base movements during the so-called

progressive Governments in early 2000s lingering at the fringe of politics, neither such

organized anti-Military Bases campaign draws a significant attention in the newly-elected

anti-conservative South Government of President Moon, Jae-In in 2017.


(I’ve witnessed, during my tour in the center of Seoul City, two dozen stragglers / fringe

demonstrators gathered in front of the US Embassy and tried to deliver the envelope that contains the declaration paper seeking for the withdrawal of the American Soldiers from

the Peninsula…no passersby including a fatty / heavy-set US Embassy staff with aderisive grin pays any attention to the shouting demonstrators as if a pack of stray dogs were

barking at the moon.


These stragglers have been a wallflower in the Unification dance hall under every regime, either progressive or conservative.)


Regardless of who comes to power, whether a progressive or red-scare clique, the political elites in Seoul since the 1950s overwhelmingly have endorsed / campaigned for the pro-

US consensus of accepting the US military occupation as the one and only option that S. Korean Governments choose to support, no matter how much the South Korean Joe Blows have to pay dearly.


You don’t have to look further than the rationale for sex trade with the colonial / occupied foreign soldiers, since the prostitution in US military camp towns became a full-blown

enterprise sanctioned / promoted / protected by the S. Korean Governments of any colors.


One gloomy Saturday afternoon, I walked into a ramshackle shoe-shine shed with

corrugated roof at the busy corner street in the “Hooker Hill” near the Yongsan Garrison

and struck a conversation with the 70ish old man who claimed he’s been this shed whole his life immemorial…


I was curious / suspicious about the claim by the current / progressive S. Korean Gov’t

that South Korean Girls are not engaging in the sex trade with GIs anymore and all the

hanky-panky sexual escapades are now performed by a gaggle of Filipina / East

Europeans / Russian gals…


Gee, it’s amazing / wonderful to see just hundreds of foreign hookers make up the sex

workforce with over-sexed 30,000 something American GIs?


…Do these foreign gals possess more than one cunt each to meet the avaricious sexual

demands of various kinds in the US military camps?


My inquiry / suspicion on the missing S. Korean whores around the Yongsan Garrison

invited a healthy guffaw from the above-mentioned old shoe-shine man…first of all, he

said that it’s a bullshit to say that US Forces Korea declares “zero tolerance” on soldiers

using prostitutes; where the Army goes, the whores follow… Romans expedition, French

Legionnaire, Japanese / American / S. Korean expeditions to Vietnam…


But in 21 century South Korea, the nature of sex trades has changed…there are no S. Korean girls standing / soliciting GIs in front of the glass door at the bordello…instead, these

gals ride on the internet waves of social media soliciting / bargaining / selling their trade with GIs at the Facebook / twitter social media sites and rendezvous with them when the

terms satisfy both parties…and they got Starbuck shop liaison / payoff and go together

hand in hand into a motel room for “long / short time”.


If engaging parties are satisfied with each other, they go steady (establish the formal client relationship) with a specifics, such as date, time, place, payment, length of services etal…


Even GIs who maintain the “go steady” relationship with S. Korean hookers sell their “go-

steady package” to the incoming GIs when they have to return home.


The Old man emphasized, however, that so-called “mama-san” or “pimp” have not disappeared from the sex business…they are always there to regulate the trade zones / public

relation (with cops and district chief in their beat) in order to protect their sex trade…


I left the Old man’s shed leaving a meager lagniappe on his hand for his big help on the

sex trade between Occupying Yankee Forces and native S. Korean chicks.


Here again, I greatly appreciated that being there / talking with them bring the

undeniable facts that the Main Stream Media, the dogs of oligarchic western state,

deliberately cheat their people with colorful / deceitful / misleading / corrupt wordings of articles / essays / comments.


***as of 2019 the UN Command (aka US Occupation Forces Command) decided to move

their GHQ to the Camp Humphrey Military Base


-To Be Continued




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